Grassberg, an English trademark, is a part of a holding that has been manufacturing dietary supplements and sports nutrition in the European Union for over 10 years. The high quality of our products is confirmed by certificates issued by one of the world’s leading certification companies – bureau veritas – in compliance with iso 2200:2006 and iso 9001:2015 international standards. Moreover, our production meets more demanding requirements than specified by standard regulations.


We offer a variety of products in different forms and dosages: vegetarian and gelatin capsules, tablets, softgel capsules, powders and other.

We supply our products to Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania, Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Kirghizia, Qazaqstan, Uzbekistan.



Abbott Laboratories is an American chemical and pharmaceutical Corporation. Included in the Fortune 500 list. The oldest company for the production of medicinal products, registered in 1900, conducted a large audit of our production in the European Union. With a detailed report on the quality and compliance of our production lines, all the necessary standards for the production of food additives.


We always allow our consumers in Europe and around the world to maintain their health at a decent level. By adhering to our core values, we have received a special award – trust and appreciation for the effectiveness of our products from our customers.

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